Vosgian Beast

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When John F. Kennedy travelled trough Europe, he thought that the Vosgian Mountains were just a peaceful landscape somewhere in France. One terrific night changed his mind. Thoroughly.

JFK meets the Vosgian Beast, a mythical and fierce creature, feared in the whole area.
He is then drawn into a speedy duel and looses himself deeper and deeper in the dark and enchanted forest.

This beautifully animated film, entirely hand-drawn by the artist, will charm you with its wit and its originality. The haunting Soundrack was written by award-winning Filmcomposer Wolfgang Mittendorfer.
Hundreds of individual drawings were necessary to bring this entertaining and unique adventure to life: Figures and backgrounds. A true piece of art !

It took 2 years to complete this film of 24 minutes in lenght....24 minutes that will appear as just 5 ones to the watcher.

The Film is available on DVD! Get it now!




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