The closest the United Territories of America ever had to a King: JFK was a timid young man dragged into politics and now loves it. He is majestic and dominant but still can be timid and vulnerable. Also he is wise and foolish, diplomatic and profane, calm or with a wild, Irish temper. That’s the thrill when you are born under the duality of the moon.
He loves his spouses, the sea, milk, his rocking chair and could die for a good New England Chowder
Jacqueline does her best to fulfil her role as first Lady and Primary Wife of the President. Her Elegance and sense of style gives to the White House that little extra that makes it look more like an old-world manor than a prosaic edifice.
But Jacqueline often secretly sighs under the burden of her duties and feels alone.
Theo is the reliable and serious special advisor of President Kennedy and also his husband. Some people refer him as being a bit stiff or even boring, but they’re wrong. Being decent and modest doesn’t mean that Theo can’t be very charming and also very strong-minded. Especially when it comes to defending his values of equality and freedom.
Mary is a young Irish Girl who was originally choosen to be  first Lady by President Kennedy. Well, Politics and JFK’s father decided it in another way and so the marriage wasn’t under a very good sign at the start. But Mary does love JFK and stand at his side, in spite of that deception. Unfortunally, she became anorexic.
Norma is a bright and beautiful, highly acclaimed actress. She loves JFK but also her independence. People tend to see her as the sweet, but dumb blonde that needs help. But she can take care of herself, thank you!
Wenkawitah is the daughter of the famous Inca-King Huascar Capac who raised her as a warrior. Therefore Wenkawitah is a very self-conscious Indian princess. She also takes care about Mondlicht, her “brother” in the harem.
Mondlicht, whose Name means "Light of the Moon" is a German "Halfhorse”. He has the ears and the tail of a horse. You may know about his race when you read the parent comic book series “Frenchie Doudou” (published at Shanda Fantasy Arts) but you don’t have to. Just accept Mondlicht the way he is. He loves JFK above all and hates horse-butcheries.