What it is about...

Imagine a different reality, perhaps a parallel universe or another dimension, where historical facts are somehow "mixed differently."
Welcome to the world of the Antique White House!

In this world, things are a little like they would be if antique times had directly evolved into the 19th Century without passing through the Middle Ages. Therefore, this society, its culture, and morals fundamentally differ from ours. This bucolic world knows almost no modern amenities. Transportation is handled with horses - mounts and draft horses. The country's main industry is agriculture. But that doesn't mean there is no science or progressive technology. In some ways, they are more advanced than we are.

Most of the world's countries are ruled by famous leaders in history: German Emperor Wilhelm II, Charles DeGaulle, Cleopatra, to name a few. As for the United Territories of Americania, they are lead by the powerful and equally beautiful John F. Kennedy. He's married to five women and two men, which is not unusual in this culture.
Since Christianity never dominated the western world (
Remember: - no Middle Ages) There are many different religions and beliefs. JFK follows his own ethnical roots and practice old, Irish-Paganism.

JFK is a good president, and a good husband - or at least he tries. But it isn't always easy when you have a lot of political adversaries such as the notorious Fidel Castro, the prude Russian Czar, and countless other rivals at home; as well as a gang of spouses that can leave one with a serious headache if things don't go as expected. A man normally can barely handle one wife - let alone five!

The “Antique White House” Universe is not a political allegory or parody. It is the visualized idea of “Camelot” that surrounded the real JFK, but brought trough perfection, by placing him in a dreamy, Arthurian Kingdom.

A fairy-tale based on historical bits, fantasy but with a deep inner truth – as it is done in the best European fairy-tale tradition.

"Antique White House" is published as books in Europe, in German and French language. The first Album was awarded in 2003 by the ICOM (The German Comic artists association) for the best story.
I am doing this English Version as a web-comic and as Books on demand, for my own pleasure.

The intent of this series is definitely not to offend anybody or to do cynical, corrosive  parody. Despite of the mentioned “inner truth” it  is fictional and has to be taken as such.  I recommend you to read good, serious documentary books to learn about the historical President Kennedy.